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Learn Arabic Language Basics 4

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Learn Arabic Language Basics for Reading Quran Level 4This application covers learning the basic arabic language for reading Quran and you will be able to read arabic and write arabic in few days which is guaranteed.
On touching each alphabet, you can hear the pronounciation.
Lesson 16 : Long vowelsLesson 16(A) : Practice 1Lesson 16(B) : Practice 2Lesson 16(C) : Practice 3Lesson 17 : Rule of Alif or HamzaLesson 18 : SHADDAH (TASHDID) double Arabic consonantLesson 18(A) : Practice 1Lesson 19 : SHADDAH (TASHDID) double Arabic consonantLesson 19(A) : Practice 1Lesson 20 : MADDAH sign to prolong or lengthen or stretch an Arabic letterLesson 20(A) : Practice 1Lesson 20(B) : Practice 2Lesson 20(C) : Practice 3Lesson 20(D) : Practice 4Lesson 21 : Maddah Exercise prolongationLesson 22 : Long vowel and double consonantLesson 23 : Basic Tajweed rule Idgham (full and partial assimilation of letters) with or without Ghunna (nasal sound)Lesson 24 : The rules of Nun Saakin and Tanween Idgham-e-Taam Idgham-e-NaqqisLesson 25 : Basic Tajweed rule Idgham with or without Ghunna (nasal sound)Lesson 26 : QALB SMALL MEEM SIGN - Substitution of sound of letter Noon sakinLesson 27 : Rule for letter Noon and Hamza (SMALL NOON SIGN:Substitution of Tanween sign)Lesson 27(A) : Rumuz al-Awqaf: Punctuation signsLesson 27(B) : Rules for Ending a sentenceLesson 27(C) : Rumuz al-Awqaf: Rules for change of letter Ta to HaLesson 27(D) : Harfi Muthaqqal TAMMAT (Isolated letters)
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Audio Quality may be low, Please Use Headphones while learning this Lessons.
In some of the small devices, the words may shrink, please rotate your device to see the full arabic word.
Learn to Speak Arabic Level 1 to 5, (beginner to advanced) will be published soon.